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2024 Kaku Wahoo 10.5

2024 Kaku Wahoo 10.5

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We're excited to introduce the Kaku Wahoo 10.5, a game-changer in the world of kayaks. This remarkable watercraft has been skillfully trimmed by 2 feet and nearly 10 pounds. Our aim was to offer anglers a more compact fishing kayak that doesn't compromise on the exceptional qualities found in its larger counterpart, the Wahoo 12.5'. To achieve this, we've made enhancements such as flattening the rocker for enhanced stability when standing, lowering the keel to ensure excellent tracking, and including an impressive deck pad. This agile and easy-to-handle kayak boasts all the sought-after features of the Wahoo 12.5, with only a slight reduction in storage capacity.

Length: 10.5ft
Width: 33 inches
Height: 13 inches
Weight: 68 lbs
Capacity: 300 lbs


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